About Rick

Set official Guinness World Record of 68 freethrows in 2 minutes at 2010 NBA AllStar JamSession

Youtube video featured on NBATV pregame show

Youtube video featured on NCAA Coke March Madness website

100 consecutive freethrows or more in over 300 gyms in the USA, including 271 YMCAs

1000 in a row 13 times, most consecutive is 2,118

205 and 212  consecutive 3 pointers in a row from top of the key

Winner of Don Nelson International Shootout  in Chicago, 48 of 50 freethrows, 41 of 50 three-pointers

2004 and 2005 National Leader of HoopItUp Freethow Contest        Most Consecutive Freethrows in 11 of 11 Events, high of 151 consecutive

2010 Pennsylvania State Freethrow Champion -50 of 50 in age group-125 of 127 total  http://www.nbsashooters.com/keystone-state-free-throw-championships-success

2012 National Leader Sprint Unlimited Freethrow Contest                                                           31 freethrows in one minute to Kevin Durant’s 30


5 Responses to About Rick

  1. skipper vines says:

    congrats Rick!!!!!!! i always new you’d be in guiness ! you’re the free throw king ! now i need an autographed picture of you holding your certificate. but why haven’t you told us ? skipper vines

  2. treey hoobler says:

    The Facebook thing didn’t work so I’ll try here to see if I can connect. Would you consider helping me with an evaluation of my technique. I’m 69 but I compete in the Alabama Masters(seniors) games in Free Throw Shooting and some other sports. Gotten some email responses from Ed Palubinskas and Bill Killian but no one local. I hear you’ve been to the Trussville YMCA and that’s where I shoot/work out. If you would consider any time I could meet with you and have you look at my shot I would appreciate it. Email: hooblert@gmail.com or cell 603-6847. Thank you.

  3. Brian smith says:

    Hello, sir. I am looking for someone to help my son with with shot. We live in cullman Alabama and are willing to drive where needed. Would you be interested in helping with his shooting?

  4. Dale Campbell says:

    Coached Rick at Southeastern College. Never coached a player that could be so accurate from the line.

    • Thanks Coach! I think I only missed 2 free throws in that season (Only shot 12 though😁). I do remember you beat me in H-O-R-S-E twice! Not many people have done that without doing crazy trick shots, but you beat me straight up.

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