Consecutive Freethrows

Niagra Falls YMCA, New York  101/101 freethrows

Niagra Falls YMCA, New York 101/101 freethrows

5000 Club
5221   Ted St. Martin – April 28,1996     GWR (Guinness World Record)


3000 Club

3008    James Pauley – June to August, 2020


2000 Club
2750   Dr. Tom Amberry – November 15, 1993   GWR
2118   Rick Rosser – March 2007
2036   Ted St. Martin -June 25, 1977        GWR
1000  Club
1538    Mike Scudder

1437   James  Pauley — Feb. 2019

1418   Fred Newman

1336     James Pauley — January 9, 2019
1287    Ed Palubinskas — March 2010
1234    Dave Hopla
1177    Bob Owen — 9/16/10
1000+  Ted St. Martin —  many times (Will check with Ted to see if he has an estimate on how many)
1000+  Rick Rosser   —  12 times
500+ Club
949     Bob Snyder   May 2007
941     Andy Enfield (also 241 left-handed!)
847 James Pauley
738 … Buzz Bramen
692 Brian Bennes
601 … Bunny Levitt (have to check this in one of my books) Bunny is the voice that tells me to make 100 freethrows on my journey video
598     Hal Cohen—17 years old, after a high school practice in1975,
later played for Syracuse
500+ Calvin Murphy (trying to find the total he told me when we met)
400 Club
499     Bunny Levitt–4/6/1935– missed, then 371c more till gym closed–870/871
Later made 499 again!
489     Dr. Jim Poteet
485     Deb Remmerde   (7th grade?) also 133 consecutive in 23 games for
Northwestern, Iowa – NAIA Div2
If anyone knows of other shooters with 100 or more consecutive freethrows please add in comments or send to my email. I have several others with 100 to 300+. Send a link if their streak is on the internet.
Happy Shooting, Rick

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focusfreethrows…enjoy the journey…

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Calvin Murphy — Rick Rosser

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Calvin Murphy was too short to play in the NBA…but he played over 1000 games and scored 18,000 points on the way to the Basketball Hall of Fame. Dreams can come true…

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31 freethrows in one minute at NBANation in Charlotte

National Leaderboard

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Focus on Three-Pointers

Practicing on three-pointers a lot lately.  Six times over 100 in a row in the last two weeks.  The best two records I have heard of are Fred Newman’s 209 (on youtube) and Dave Hopla had a streak of 211.

Last two weeks I made 110,116,131,142, 205 and today—-212! I know its not official, but think I’m the first to make 200 consecutive 3s two times.   Back to the gym tomorrow with  my Wilson Evolution!     RR

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FocusFreethrows—100 freethrows in a row

Do you want to be a good freethrow shooter or a GREAT freethrow shooter?  It’s up to you.  It’s free to join the National Basketball Shooters Association and learn how other shooters developed their skills and achieved amazing results.  Several of them  have even set Guinness World records! Check out and learn how YOU can be a freethrow master too!

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First OFFICIAL Guinness World Record

by Stuart Claxton of Guinness World Records

The free throw always looks deceptively simple.  Stand at an appropriate distance from the basket, take your time, shoot.  Most times it works but sometimes it doesn’t so you try again.  And again. And again until you get it right.

Three guys who know quite a bit about free throws are Rick Rosser, Ed Palubinskas and Jeff Harris and they were ready to prove it to me when I met them at Center Court during the Jam Session.  Big Rick was going for no lesser record than the most free throws in two minutes.  How many is that?  Well the record to break was 64 since 2009 by a fella called Justin Kittredge.  Rick was no stranger to pressure.  He’s the guy responsible for throwing 72 free throws in two minutes so he knew he could get this.  Up he stepped and off we went. 

"On your throw Rick", I called out.

Bang, the man was a machine.  Down the baskets went, one after the other…62…63…64!  Ten seconds left!  65…66…67!  Oh man!  One more, 68!  Time’s up!  Awesome.  68 free throws in two minutes!! 

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Talking about YouTube – Freethrows are Easy

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72 of 72 freethrows in two minutes at the Bessemer, Alabama YMCA on 3-7-09

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